On or about September 15th, IUniverse will release a significant Select Second Edition of “The Matthias Scroll,” which fully unearths, for the first time, the historical crucifixion coverup which became the cornerstone of Christian theology.

It will be available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and retail booksellers. Please click on my Facebook Page for further information and do comment on this blog.

The linguistic excavations of “The Matthias Scroll” have now accomplished what many are recognizing as a major breakthrough in New Testament studies, recovering an altogether different, long-lost tract from beneath the Gospels’ doctrinal text. The identification of Matthias (Acts I:21) as the unnamed witness who recorded a detailed report of events as they unfolded, including the hearing inside the High Priest’s house where Jesus was interrogated by Caiaphas, the judgment by Pilate, and his final hours on the cross, stand alone as historic testimony to what actually occurred.