History is not always kind to the version of events we were taught to believe in our synagogue and church schools.

A psychological problem arises when the two clash, and  scholarly research “forces” a person of faith to choose which to accept. A recent conflict occurring among Jews is whether the Exodus from Egypt and Israelite liberation from slavery (the Passover story) ever really occurred as described. The debate is raging and faith, in academic quarters, stimulated by archeological excavation of Canaanite sites, is being tested.  Less a test of faith, and of more muted controversy, is the family history of Moses delineated in the Torah. Moses’ father and mother are an incestuous marriage (!) according to the passage Exodus 6:20: “Amram took to wife his father’s sister Jochebed and she bore him Aaron and Moses…” To wit, not every scandal or family taint becomes a threat to one’s faith.

With this preamble, I am about to present a first-ever version of a famous scene in the Gospels, which is likely to clash with the traditional understanding of many Christians taught a doctrinal interpretation of the “ADULTEROUS WOMAN” (John 8:1–8:11) passage. Hopefully, no faith-shattering implications shall be the consequence. Nonetheless, those who are deeply invested in the Virgin Birth as a doxological condition for their salvation, may wish to allocate their time elsewhere. (Those who wish to read it, should see my Facebook page:  Abram’s History Writing,

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