Biblical scholar makes startling assertions about life of Jesus
in controversial book
New work promises historically accurate first-ever “excavation”
of lost scroll beneath Gospels’ doctrinal text

NEW YORK–December 2017 Just-released “The Matthias Scroll–Select Second Edition”” (a Tarcher Books Selection, published by IUniverse). In his new historical novel, author Abram Epstein employs critical analysis to reach the New Testament’s elusive core providing a “three-dimensional” biographical portrait of Jesus, a feat most New Testament scholars have long-considered impossible.

Lauded as “fascinating” and “provocative” by such prominent historians as Michael Berenbaum and Shaul Magid, Epstein’s linguistic excavations have now accomplished what is increasingly recognized as a major breakthrough in New Testament studies, recovering an altogether different, long-lost scroll from beneath the Gospels doctrinal text.

“If he were reading today’s typical Gospel commentaries,” Epstein suggests, “Jesus would see them as patchwork caricatures.” According to Epstein, the ongoing debate should come as no surprise. “Much of the scriptural account,” the author points out, “has dramatized the supernatural Jesus, adding an aura of divine authority to his every word and deed, covering up history beneath layers of theological enhancement. Many have wondered what happened to the one feeling so betrayed by Judas, who, sensing danger, retreated to the Garden of Gethsemane, praying not to die, and was crucified for saying he was, ‘King of the Jews’ though no witnesses ever claimed he said such a thing about himself.”

According to the author, “With the unearthed testimony of his friend and companion, Matthias (Acts I:21), we now have…

Jesus’ life as he would have remembered it.”

“A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity,” the author’s nonfiction companion work, presents the scroll in academic format, and is also available from IUniverse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and retail booksellers. International distribution:

“The Matthias Scroll–Select Second Edition”
By Abram Epstein
Hardcover |6x9in| 268 pages| ISBN978-1532027123
Softcover | 6×9 | 268 pages| ISBN 978-1532027116
E-Book | 268 pages| 9781532027130
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and retail booksellers
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About the author
Abram Epstein, a New Yorker, has served as Director of Education for several synagogues and actively participated in the Manhattan Educators’ Council. His graduate studies at New York University’s Hagop Kevorkian Center focused on ancient Near Eastern religion and Biblical Judaism. He is a recipient of the university’s prestigious Founders’ Award for Academic Accomplishment and has a screen credit as Historical Consultant for The Seventh Sign starring Demi Moore. His other books include, The Historical Haggadah, The Matthias Scroll, and A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity. Abram’s blog: (Please like his Facebook page: Abram’s Historical Writing)