On or about September 15th, IUniverse will release a significant Select Second Edition of “The Matthias Scroll,” which fully unearths, for the first time, the historical crucifixion coverup which became the cornerstone of Christian theology.

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The linguistic excavations of “The Matthias Scroll” have now accomplished what many are recognizing as a major breakthrough in New Testament studies, recovering an altogether different, long-lost tract from beneath the Gospels’ doctrinal text. The identification of Matthias (Acts I:21) as the unnamed witness who recorded a detailed report of events as they unfolded, including the hearing inside the High Priest’s house where Jesus was interrogated by Caiaphas, the judgment by Pilate, and his final hours on the cross, stand alone as historic testimony to what actually occurred.


Controversial biblical scholar makes startling assertions about life of Jesus
New study promises to become cornerstone of Gospel analysis

NEW YORK – In his recently-released nonfiction book,  A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity  (published by iUniverse), author Abram Epstein uses critical analysis to reach the New Testament’s historical core in order to provide a “three-dimensional” biographical portrait of Jesus, a feat most New Testament scholars have long-considered impossible.

Offering fresh translations and interpretations, Epstein crosses linguistic hurdles solving millennia-old riddles. In the process, he illuminates the drama of Jesus’ life and death, revealing hitherto unknown episodes which shaped his last 18 months, finally leading to his capture, crucifixion and interment.

“If he were reading today’s typical Gospel commentaries,” Epstein suggests, “Jesus would see them as patchwork caricatures. My study reconstructs Jesus’ life as he would have remembered it, enabling us to appreciate him as a human being.”

Praise for A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity:
“Delightful and provocative! Epstein has constructed a novel portrait of Jesus’ life based on New Testament passages juxtaposed to the Judaism of his time. Applying his own method of interpretation, the author challenges the Gospel account, recovering biographical dimensions of a pre-Christian, humanized Jesus. Joining the tradition of ‘the search for the historical Jesus,’ what results is a readable, provocative thesis.”
– Shaul Magid, Professor of Jewish and Religious Studies, Indiana University

“A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity”
By Abram Epstein
Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781491775080
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 200 pages | ISBN 9781491775073
E-Book | 200 pages | ISBN 9781491775066
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About the Author
Abram Epstein, a New Yorker, has served as Director of Education for several synagogues and actively participated in the Manhattan Educators’ Council. His graduate studies at New York University’s Hagop Kevorkian Center focused on ancient Near Eastern religions and biblical Judaism. He is a recipient of the university’s prestigious Founders’ Award for academic accomplishment and has a screen credit as historical consultant for “The Seventh Sign” starring Demi Moore. His other books include,  The Historical Haggadah, and The Matthias Scroll, with a reportedly controversial sequel,  A Select Second Edition, scheduled for September release.



5.0 out of 5 stars

 good to make you think

Verified Purchase. Amazon

I didn’t believe everything in this book, but it is a good to make you think. This book will be controversial but makes a good analysis of the life of Jesus. I am a christian minister, as well as a retired physician, so I study a lot of christian history & theology. This book can shake you up some but that is good. We must not be complacent about religion because “God has more light & truth to break forth from His word”. We don’t know everything yet & must keep our minds open to new findings & new knowledge-thought. RAG

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Amazon Customer

A very plausible explanation of Jesus life mysteries

4.0 out of 5 stars

A Book Teeming with Theory and Conjecture … And Most of it Makes Sense

Not everyone will find this book about Jesus easy to read. Author Abram Epstein takes the events recorded in the four Gospels and examines them in relation to their original Jewish context, revealing a Jesus plagued by self-doubt and self-loathing due to the illegitimacy of his birth and unwanted claims of his divinity by his disciples. His examination uncovers plausible references as to the true nature of Jesus’ mission, assigns a new identity to the beloved disciple, explains the true cause of Judas’ ultimate betrayal, underlines the dire urgency behind Jesus’ repeated admonishments to Simon Peter, and demonstrates the schism within the not-so-tight-knit group of Apostles. Thought-provoking and insightful, Abram’s “A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianity” is teeming with conjecture … and – taken in the context with which it is presented – most of it makes sense! I recommend this read for anyone interested in being open to a new interpretation of the four Gospels and getting a closer look at the historical life and times of Jesus.