Dateline: April 2015 PRESS RELEASE


New novel reveals historical drama of Jesus’ life

The Matthias Scroll” by Abram Epstein, presents startling, document-based biography

NEW YORK – Author Abram Epstein introduces a profoundly different Jesus than Christians or Jews have known before in his new novel, “The Matthias Scroll: A Lost Testament Unearths the Secrets of History’s Most Notorious Injustice.”

A suspenseful and deeply moving narrative, “The Matthias Scroll” reveals hitherto unknown events leading to Jesus’ arrest and crucifixion. It illuminates what happened to Jesus during and after his interment, without romanticizing his death as a model of salvation.

When the disciples glorified Jesus’ crucifixion, Matthias (see Acts I:15-26) swore their Gospels would not bury his friend beneath falsehoods of their new religion. What the murderers had done to his friend’s body on the cross, he would never call God’s plan.

The contest between Matthias and the other disciples would be a struggle for the survival of Christianity itself, having at its heart the issue of how Jesus saw himself.

From this first-ever historical account,  readers will glean a visceral sense that they have met and appreciated Jesus for the first time. More information, and a link for ordering, may be found at

Praise for “The Matthias Scroll”:

“Shaped with a deep sense of the history, this controversial but fascinating work offers a vivid portrayal of Jesus as a respected teacher of his generation, at the moment when Rabbinic Judaism and Christianity were born.”

                   Professor Michael Berenbaum, eminent historian, rabbi, and author

The Matthias Scroll  by Abram Epstein is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and other retail booksellers