Those millenia-old nagging questions

Questions finally answered, with full documentation:
Did Jesus believe he was the messiah?
When he healed people, with a loving touch and kind word–did he ever forgive anybody’s sin?
When, if ever, did he overrule Jewish law in the Torah?
Some said God made him master of the Shabbat (Sabbath), free of its rules against work. Did he believe–or cause others to believe– he had such divine authority?
What did he do specifically, that aroused suspicion in the Galilee that he was possibly an agent of satan?
What actually occurred at the wedding in Cana when he was said to have turned water to wine?
Did he ever find out Joseph was not his biological father?
When he was baptized by John, what was his purpose?
Did Jesus ever show concern that he himself had committed transgressions against God?                                                                                              Did he choose Peter to rule his earthly domain, giving him the “keys to the Kingdom”?

Why was Jesus arrested–and what role did the Jews play?

If you can’t wait to find out, “The Matthias Scroll” is your chance!